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The communication services we offer merge our experience both in the field of public relations and in that of communication itself, gained in more than twenty-five years of activity.
These services are basically three and can be chosen separately or in combination with each other:

1) creation of a communication plan to promote your business on Lake Como;
2) press office both geo-localized on Lake Como and national / international;
3) updating and monitoring of social media.

Below is a brief description of the services, however if you would like to learn more, do not hesitate to contact us:
(+39) 0314897971 –

1) The communication plan is an effective and functional tool, which will allow the customer to improve his results and achieve new ones, allows to plan and manage communication actions for the achievement of specific strategic objectives. Our plan consists of four macro phases:

preliminary analysis;
strategic / operational design and planning;
logistics organization and management;
measurement of results.
The communication plans are tools of proven economic effectiveness, require a time of realization that varies according to the specific needs of the customer and must be meticulously adapted to the type of business carried out by the customer and the type of people to whom they are addressed.

For years we have been counted as one of the leading companies in Milan for the design of communications plans, for example for customers in the entertainment sector and we can witness the fact that only an accurate communication design can successfully increase the business of a company.

2) The press office activities we carry out are aimed at both the “traditional” and the “digital” world and are divided into the following phases:

definition of the topics to be communicated;
choice and reworking of the customer’s press releases;
creation of a specific database for the client (journalists, bloggers, Italian authors); sending press releases and recall.
We have a national database of almost 32,000 bloggers, journalists, authors, with which we can make the appropriate filters to select exactly the actors we need based on region, city, skills, etc.
We can obviously also operate on international databases;
conception of Press Meeting;
press review of any publications. We have the most modern tools for:
monitor publications;
analyze the “sentiment” (= computational analysis of feelings and opinions expressed within texts generated on the Net about a product, a service, an individual, an organization, an event, etc.);
measure the advertising impact of any publications;
final report.
3) Updating and monitoring of social media
Social media are the set of means through which users can express their opinions on the web. Among the most well-known social media we list: social networks, blogs, video and photosharing sites, chat rooms and forums, review sites, mailing list management programs.
Social media updating and monitoring have become essential activities for any business, so we have chosen to manage it directly.
To this end we offer our customers the services of:

choice of publications on the chosen blogs / social networks / sites;
analysis of publications through project management activities, such as:
coordination of activities through the creation of a publication calendar;
study of the type of communication we are proposing in order to possibly make improvements;
In particular we will analyze:
which posts work the most or the least;
when to post (best time according to our software.
who are our followers (age, gender, etc.).
Finding out what our customer’s web thinks, in particular through an analysis of certain keywords in a given text span, we will analyze the opinion of those who surf the net in order to:
analyze the customer’s reputation;
choose what to intervene on and when;
find most of the posts that “talk” about the customer.
Creation and management of paid campaigns and sponsorships (if agreed with the customer).
Monthly reporting.